Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I've been MIA for awhile...not because I didn't want to say Hello...I've been busy. Realized what my current ailment is...I have DIY A.D.D. Very difficult for me to admit...but I'm coming clean here. Please don't hold it against me.  I'm a very high strung, detail oriented, organized, impatient, control freak, seriously Type A personality! But, here lately I'm so out there. Start something in one room and get to a point where I need the old man to step in...and move on to the next project. I take pic's because I'm attempting to document our DIY Home Reno journey...and lay the camera down and forget where I put it! Same goes for  tools etc... So NOT me!!!

As you can see from the pic's below I currently am in the midst of the following projects:

Master Bath
- Shelf between mirrors
- Pebble backsplash at Tub & Shower
- Framed mirror's at tub
- Painting
- Tearing up floor
- Staining Wood Planks

Living Room
- Painting
- Plotting & Planning projects in my head...DANGEROUS!

Den/Guest Room
- Priming & Painting (over polka dots-use to be Audrey's room)

Too many others to list!


Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

My new kitchen sink!

Hi and Thank you for stopping by!

I'm just so excited about my find today, that I just had to share it even though the project is not completed. As you know we are in the middle of renovating our Love Shack...we have been looking at replacing our stainless steel sink. We were going to go with some sort of black one that was more in our price range...but look what I found today!!! This was on clearance for $100, regular price was $399!!! Can I hear a Woot Woot??!! What do you think?

It is a hammered solid copper under mount sink!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring time fun???

Hello again friends!

With summer fast approaching here in the upstate...I'm wondering where the Spring Time is. It feels like we went from extreme cold weather to very warm weather here...and all the work I'm doing on the inside of my shack...I feel like I somehow missed my Spring time fun of planting and gardening. I guess I need to take a break from the Love Shack Reno's and work on the yard a little...before the heat gets unbearable here.

Which brings me to the reason for this post...I'm deep in thought thinking of what I could add to our sparse yard and bring some color and texture. Our yard is 99% sunny...and I love most of the plants meant for shade.

Any thoughts or ideas? I would love to have you share with me what has worked for you in FULL sun!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

My BIG Save!

Hi Friends!

I'm Just so excited about my BIG save today that I have to share it with everyone! My dear sweet friend Bettina got me started on a Coupon Craze 2 days ago...and here is my BIG save today! I got all of this for $22.59...It would have been $123.92 if I would have paid full price for it at Target. Yay!!!

Needless to say I may be hooked on something new or new to me!

Here's how I did it: - Print $1off coupons for Bounty Dura Towels

Text "Spring" to 827438 - $1 coupon
Text "Clean" to 827438 - $1 coupon
Text "Bath" to 827438 - $10 off $25 spent

Go to Target: These products are on sale for $9.99 - Regularly $12.99. Buy (3) and you get a $10 Gift Card. You will have to buy (3) to get this deal.

I bought (3) Paper Towels and gave my $10 gift card to my husband. He bought (3) Paper Towels and gave his $10 gift card to our daughter...and then she bought (3) Toilet Papers. We spent a total of $22.59!! Can I hear a Woot Woot!!!

I will continue to share my savings with everyone as I find more deals!

Happy Easter!



Good  Morning!

Sitting here trying to think about what I should title this post and the only thing that keeps coming to mind is "FRUSTRATED" lol So....the reason for my frustration is the big yellow pillow you see below...and the story goes like this:

I found this Mustard Yellow tablecloth...and got it for a steal...for under $5! Woot woot!  My bargain shopping sassiness at it again. Well I think I can pull out the sewing machine and sew me a large pillow for the Banquette Bench in the  dining area since I could not find one...well no such luck! With all the reno's going on in just about every room...MY stuff...yes I said boxed up and is stored out in my Flower Shop...what was I thinking??? I could NOT find the pedal for the sewing machine!!!!

Well brave soul that I am...I still tackled this project...I hand stitched the entire pillow!

Have other projects that will need the sewing machine will need to hunt that peddle down!

What do you think?

Thank's for stopping by! Happy Easter!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

My $5 Find!

Good Morning!

Yes  I said  $5...wooot wooot! Can you hear the excitement in my voice??? I'll spare you a long drawn out post this morning...and get to the point.

As you know we are renovating our Love Shack...well Project #1 is our kitchen/dining area. We started off with the cheap plastic mini blinds and then graduated to wood blinds. I liked the wood blinds...but we added some furry chewers to the family and when we had their kennel's next to the blinds...well you guessed it they managed to chew them up. Well they are now in custom home made kennels in the laundry room...and the wood blinds needed to be replaced.

Well as I've mentioned we are on a limited after some searching in stores and on-line...I found these and fell in love! They are bamboo roman shades and I got them for $5 each at Lowes on-line...what a steal!

Here's why I think they were such a bargain...they are 39" and not a typical 32"...but of course I did some home work before buying this bargain...and Ta Da...I found a post on google where someone had to cut down some of these type of shades. The post used a hand miter saw. Well of course explaining this to the hubby he 1st thought I was out of my mind...but then he jumped on board when I told him that they were only $5 each. Why is it ok then? lol If I want them then why should the cost matter? lol But yes my stubbornness gets him in the end. If they were ruined then we wouldn't be out much money.

Well he took them out of the package and rolled them up tight. I taped each end where he was going to make his cuts using clear packaging tape. He purchased a new 600 teeth blade for his table saw...and he made the cuts using it. Worked like a charm as you can see. I love them!

One day I will post our final kitchen reveal! I'm looking forward to that day!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Better late than never!

Happy Sunday Morning!

Sitting at my new island enjoying a cup of coffee...which btw I didn't like until I met my old man lol I quite enjoy coffee now but it has to be sweet and flavored...and friends call it dirty water lol I enjoy writing so I get off track with where my thoughts were so bear with me as I get to my point.

What I've learned at my sassy age...yes I'm sassy...I wish I would have learned years ago to buy all white dinnerware and serving pieces. Becoming an adult...wife...and home maker...I was excited to matchy match. You know what I'm saying...If my  kitchen was yellow...everything had to be yellow...I love snowmen at I found dinnerware with snowmen on them and then had to buy blue glasses to use...and I'm not a blue person.

Took me awhile...yes many to learn this...and for me it works perfectly...I now buy everything white...and even throw in glass pieces...bowls, plates, beverage glasses etc... The fun and exciting part for trolling every Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max etc... looking for white pieces...because at this point in my life they don't have to matchy match. Every piece I use...even though different looks great together!

So...took me too long to figure this out...but  you know we never stop learning...I've passed this onto my recently married 22 year old...middle of 5...oldest daughter. Bet you didn't realize there was going to be brain teasers in my blog...especially so early in the morning. As I've mentioned before...I have 5 children...she is #3...but the oldest daughter. My 2 older children are my grown sons...and then the 3 younger children are my aggravating...I mean precious daughters. lol

My daughter has started to do the same thing...which took me too long to learn...and she loves it...also helped that when Mom threw her a shower I got her started on a bunch of white pieces. Lucky her...more like lucky me to be blessed with 5 amazing kids!

Which brings me to my point for this post this morning...what do you think of my new find? I spent the day with my bestie...for my birthday on Thursday enjoying a birthday shopping spree.  She picked this bowl up...and of course I fell in love and then she put it down. I snatched that up and asked her are you sure you don't want this...well what do you think? Are you in love too?

I need to figure out this blog design stuff...but in the meantime...I hope you enjoy my blog so far!

Thanks for visiting!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!

Good morning friends!

We are going to have a temp in the 70's and sunshine today...shame I have to go to work. Oh well we are a 2 income family right most of you understand this.

Well I started my DIY Pebble Stone Backsplash in the kitchen yesterday. Inspiration I found on Pinterest using Dollar Store bags of pebbles. This takes an abundance of patience...for those of you following my blog know I don't have much of. Something I'm having to learn lol

My husband made me a corner cabinet to store some of our's not in place right now because I'm only doing the backsplash up to the cabinet and not behind it.

I'm hoping it turns out beautiful when it's completed...but check out my progress so far.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beautiful Day in Upstate South Carolina!

Good morning ya'll! Enjoying a cup of coffee seated at my new DIY Kitchen Island looking  out the window at this beautiful sunny day...thinking about where I'm at...where I'm from...and all I still want to accomplish. Too many thoughts!

You know when I moved here from Southern California almost 17 years would have never heard me say or write ya'll...but I've made this my home, and that's how southerners talk. I've never met any kinder down to earth people than I have here. So...ya'll does come out of my mouth occasionally when writing.

There are way too many thoughts rolling around in my head that still need to come to life...I know you know that feeling. Projects...Projects...Projects!!! All DIY and on a limited budget...but I know One day at a time and one dollar  at a time!

May take  a break from the reno's today and enjoy the sunshine and what this beautiful state we call home has to offer!

Enjoy your Sunny Sunday Ya'll!


Friday, March 28, 2014


Hello and Happy  Friday!

I'm so excited...I Just ordered my table legs for my husband to make me...I mean us...a farmhouse table. I've been trolling Pinterest for inspiration...and it was in my kitchen all this time. lol I  know I have too many projects going on at once...or so my sweet hubby keeps reminding me.

Since we incorporated his Mother's kitchen table in our DIY Island...we are going to use similar style legs for the table with the same top he used on the Island. I had originally planned for him to use 4x4's as the table legs, but with all the wood color variations going on in the kitchen...I am trying to keep the legs close to the same. I don't want it to appear like I can't make up my mind on my style...even though I feel like I can't. There is just way too much beautiful ideas and inspiration out there!

You can see pics of the Island progress in that post.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What was I thinking????

I know now why my husband doesn't like PINTEREST lol I've spent every day trolling pinterest and many other site's for the last few months getting inspiration for our Love Shack renovation. What did I find that inspired me??? A DIY idea using Dollar Store bags of pebbles.  The pin that inspired my idea was from some one on a budget just like me...she used the pebbles in her shower. Aww creative and inexpensive...but wait...this takes patience...and I've already mentioned I have none lol But I am tenacious and always finish something I even though my house looks like a DIY war zone...I'm coming along. I've pebbled a backsplash in my master bathroom. ..and that came out beautiful so I thought hmmm I can do this in the kitchen. ...not completed yet...then I thought hmmm I can do this on the island.  Well just did the island and need to wait 24 hours before I grout it. Maybe there is something I'm supposed to be learning here...patience does come to mind. See updated photos on the Island post. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Monday, March 17, 2014


In the midst of the chaos I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I know you know that feeling...trying to work a full time job and find time to do our renovations with all these ideas rolling around in my head...attempting to bring them to life. Thank God my husband is a patient man...because I lack in the patience department! The Lord blessed me with many other things...Thank you God!!!

The good news is...we are almost done with the kitchen can see the updated photos in that post. And the other good news that I am thrilled to share...I am finding my style!!!! Woo hoo!!! I don't know if there is a true term but I'm calling it "Rustic Tuscan"...yes you heard me right...I'm smiling as I admit I have a style. I don't like labels...but I think this needed one. I love warm rich wood in various colors and the warmth and beauty of Tuscan decor. I've lived with Rooster decor in my kitchen since moving here from California 17 years I guess I've sorta had a

Enjoy the updated photos and enjoy the wild ride with me as my sweet husband and I transform our Love Shack!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

DIY Kitchen Island

My husband and I...bless him for his patience dealing with me...are creating a kitchen island using a prefab cabinet. We will also be adding part of his Mothers pine kitchen table...that he wouldn't part with. He has given his blessing for my idea to cut it up and use it in my design ideas...crazy craftiness...for the island. Watch with us as my ideas spring to life!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Finding My Style in the midst of chaos!

New to blogging...I've decided I want to take you along for the ride on my journey to transform our Manufactured 1600 sq ft Love Shack into the home of our dreams! So...what's my style??? Well there are so many ideas out there and I like most of  them. I love the Vintage, Shabby Chic, Cottage Style...but I'm just not a "WHITE" Girl. lol Yes it's beautiful...but it's just not me. I love French Country...but again it's just not me. And even though I'm in the south...having a countrified home is not me either. Bear with the midst of the chaos in our Love Shack...2 kids...4 dogs...a husband that drives me crazy...middle of DIY projects in just about every room...together we shall find my style!