Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beautiful Day in Upstate South Carolina!

Good morning ya'll! Enjoying a cup of coffee seated at my new DIY Kitchen Island looking  out the window at this beautiful sunny day...thinking about where I'm at...where I'm from...and all I still want to accomplish. Too many thoughts!

You know when I moved here from Southern California almost 17 years would have never heard me say or write ya'll...but I've made this my home, and that's how southerners talk. I've never met any kinder down to earth people than I have here. So...ya'll does come out of my mouth occasionally when writing.

There are way too many thoughts rolling around in my head that still need to come to life...I know you know that feeling. Projects...Projects...Projects!!! All DIY and on a limited budget...but I know One day at a time and one dollar  at a time!

May take  a break from the reno's today and enjoy the sunshine and what this beautiful state we call home has to offer!

Enjoy your Sunny Sunday Ya'll!


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