Sunday, March 9, 2014

DIY Kitchen Island

My husband and I...bless him for his patience dealing with me...are creating a kitchen island using a prefab cabinet. We will also be adding part of his Mothers pine kitchen table...that he wouldn't part with. He has given his blessing for my idea to cut it up and use it in my design ideas...crazy craftiness...for the island. Watch with us as my ideas spring to life!


  1. Love this!! What a great why to incorporate something he loves!

    1. He just said...don't love the table but I love my Mother and it was a big deal to her that I had it. It's been in our garage for 15 we can see it every day! ♥Lisa

  2. Thank you Jackie!! I was so excited that he welcomed my every day we will enjoy a part of something very special to him. ♥ Lisa