Friday, March 28, 2014


Hello and Happy  Friday!

I'm so excited...I Just ordered my table legs for my husband to make me...I mean us...a farmhouse table. I've been trolling Pinterest for inspiration...and it was in my kitchen all this time. lol I  know I have too many projects going on at once...or so my sweet hubby keeps reminding me.

Since we incorporated his Mother's kitchen table in our DIY Island...we are going to use similar style legs for the table with the same top he used on the Island. I had originally planned for him to use 4x4's as the table legs, but with all the wood color variations going on in the kitchen...I am trying to keep the legs close to the same. I don't want it to appear like I can't make up my mind on my style...even though I feel like I can't. There is just way too much beautiful ideas and inspiration out there!

You can see pics of the Island progress in that post.

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