Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!

Good morning friends!

We are going to have a temp in the 70's and sunshine today...shame I have to go to work. Oh well we are a 2 income family right most of you understand this.

Well I started my DIY Pebble Stone Backsplash in the kitchen yesterday. Inspiration I found on Pinterest using Dollar Store bags of pebbles. This takes an abundance of patience...for those of you following my blog know I don't have much of. Something I'm having to learn lol

My husband made me a corner cabinet to store some of our's not in place right now because I'm only doing the backsplash up to the cabinet and not behind it.

I'm hoping it turns out beautiful when it's completed...but check out my progress so far.

Thanks for visiting my blog!



  1. Lisa! Now this is a project! WOW! How many bags of $1 pebbles did you have to buy so far. Thank you so much for finding My Soulful Home and leaving your wonderful comment. I responded there, but wanted to visit you too! Hope to learn more about you & your Love Shack renovations!! xx Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thank you! I've purchased about 30 bags. I used it in my kitchen and master bath, and still have a huge box full of them left of course the wheels are turning...going to also do a back splash around my garden tub and maybe around the shower. Thanks for responding...and I'm looking forward to learning more about you! Lisa