Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What was I thinking????

I know now why my husband doesn't like PINTEREST lol I've spent every day trolling pinterest and many other site's for the last few months getting inspiration for our Love Shack renovation. What did I find that inspired me??? A DIY idea using Dollar Store bags of pebbles.  The pin that inspired my idea was from some one on a budget just like me...she used the pebbles in her shower. Aww creative and inexpensive...but wait...this takes patience...and I've already mentioned I have none lol But I am tenacious and always finish something I even though my house looks like a DIY war zone...I'm coming along. I've pebbled a backsplash in my master bathroom. ..and that came out beautiful so I thought hmmm I can do this in the kitchen. ...not completed yet...then I thought hmmm I can do this on the island.  Well just did the island and need to wait 24 hours before I grout it. Maybe there is something I'm supposed to be learning here...patience does come to mind. See updated photos on the Island post. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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