Sunday, April 13, 2014

My $5 Find!

Good Morning!

Yes  I said  $5...wooot wooot! Can you hear the excitement in my voice??? I'll spare you a long drawn out post this morning...and get to the point.

As you know we are renovating our Love Shack...well Project #1 is our kitchen/dining area. We started off with the cheap plastic mini blinds and then graduated to wood blinds. I liked the wood blinds...but we added some furry chewers to the family and when we had their kennel's next to the blinds...well you guessed it they managed to chew them up. Well they are now in custom home made kennels in the laundry room...and the wood blinds needed to be replaced.

Well as I've mentioned we are on a limited after some searching in stores and on-line...I found these and fell in love! They are bamboo roman shades and I got them for $5 each at Lowes on-line...what a steal!

Here's why I think they were such a bargain...they are 39" and not a typical 32"...but of course I did some home work before buying this bargain...and Ta Da...I found a post on google where someone had to cut down some of these type of shades. The post used a hand miter saw. Well of course explaining this to the hubby he 1st thought I was out of my mind...but then he jumped on board when I told him that they were only $5 each. Why is it ok then? lol If I want them then why should the cost matter? lol But yes my stubbornness gets him in the end. If they were ruined then we wouldn't be out much money.

Well he took them out of the package and rolled them up tight. I taped each end where he was going to make his cuts using clear packaging tape. He purchased a new 600 teeth blade for his table saw...and he made the cuts using it. Worked like a charm as you can see. I love them!

One day I will post our final kitchen reveal! I'm looking forward to that day!

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  1. They look GREAT and what a steal....I would be doing a happy dance too!!!! Happy Easter!!!