Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I've been MIA for awhile...not because I didn't want to say Hello...I've been busy. Realized what my current ailment is...I have DIY A.D.D. Very difficult for me to admit...but I'm coming clean here. Please don't hold it against me.  I'm a very high strung, detail oriented, organized, impatient, control freak, seriously Type A personality! But, here lately I'm so out there. Start something in one room and get to a point where I need the old man to step in...and move on to the next project. I take pic's because I'm attempting to document our DIY Home Reno journey...and lay the camera down and forget where I put it! Same goes for  tools etc... So NOT me!!!

As you can see from the pic's below I currently am in the midst of the following projects:

Master Bath
- Shelf between mirrors
- Pebble backsplash at Tub & Shower
- Framed mirror's at tub
- Painting
- Tearing up floor
- Staining Wood Planks

Living Room
- Painting
- Plotting & Planning projects in my head...DANGEROUS!

Den/Guest Room
- Priming & Painting (over polka dots-use to be Audrey's room)

Too many others to list!


Thanks for stopping by!


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