Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm still here...

Have been through a lot the last few month's. My S.I.L. decided after 13 months of marriage that he no longer loved my daughter and he wanted a divorce...WOW!!!! Threw ME for a loop!

Our Beastie (our 11 y.o. daughter Audrey's nickname) had to have surgery to remove a growth from her scalp...praise the Lord it was benign.

The most incredible wife & mother I've ever known passed away. She was my M.I.L. and I know it broke my husband's heart. I can only aspire to be the woman she was!

Lastly I changed jobs...for the better for me and my family. Momma is now less stressed!

We are still working on our Love Shack  renovations...seems to be never ending. Will post some pictures soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa xo