Meet Us

Welcome to the Sassy Southern Shack!

Hi, I'm Lisa...the creative talent and my husband Richard is the laborer. Together we are transforming our love shack into the home of our dreams!

New to blogging...but am enjoying it and the opportunity to share what inspires me...and hope to truly inspire you!

About me, Lisa...Born and raised in sunny Southern California. I went through a difficult time in my life and relocated to the upstate of South Carolina 17 years ago, and have made this my home. It took awhile to adjust to living in the country, but I fell in love with this beautiful state and of course my husband. We've been together 15 years. I wish I could say it's been perfect, but we are working on it.

I work full time as an Office Manager...something I'm praying to change sooner than later now that my baby will be starting middle school. I'm the driving force in the midst of chaos renovating our home when we have time and on a budget. Basically, I'm just your average Girl with a passion for creating and finding beauty in everything!

Inside peek at Lisa:
- I am the Mother of 5 amazing kids...(2) Sons 29, 28, (3) Daughters 22, 19, & 11.
- I love and adore my old man...when he is not driving me crazy.
- I love the color Red.
- I wish I were skinny.
- I have a thing for Muscle Cars.
- I work hard.
- I love deeply.
- I cherish my friends.
- I'm a perfectionist.
- I'm inpatient.
- I'm a morning person...yes I am that person that bounces off the wall.
- I love flowers.
- I love creating beautiful things.
- I love cooking and entertaining.
- I love fruity wine...Moscato is my favorite.
- I want my children to be close.
- I'm Sassy & Sweet.

About Richard, raised in California too within miles of my beautiful wife...and had to move across country to meet her here. I'm old (turning 55 this year), tired, and my wife is working me hard doing all these projects...learning on the fly.

Inside peek at Richard:
- I love my wife...when she's not driving me crazy.
- I love my kids.
- I love Hot Rods.
- I love Muscle Cars.
- I love Huskies...and we have two of them Khloe & Kelah.
- I like things simple.
- I'm sarcastic...and it drives my wife crazy.
- I enjoy all the wood work I'm doing.

Together we are navigating marriage, family, life, love, our spiritual walk, chaos, and DIY renovations!

Thank you for stopping by!

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